Mission Statement

To build a resilient, community-driven urban agriculture sector that provides a fair, healthy, sustainable food system for all Arlingtonians.

Our Vision

All Arlingtonians have access to fresh locally grown food.

Our Approach

Advocate: Community-driven support for urban agriculture in county and school policies

Build: Raise awareness through educational, outreach and social events

Connect: Facilitate relationships and promote urban agriculture businesses, innovations, and programs

Develop: Create partnerships to support and build urban gardens at schools, public parks, private developments, and other locations

Engage: Collaborate with residents, and public, private and non-profits groups to address food security issues and climate change

FOUA’s Story

Arlington County has a rich history of urban agricultural activities – from farmers markets, community gardens and school programs to emerging agricultural businesses. In 2012, the Arlington County Board recognized the need to understand the growing urban agriculture sector and formed the Urban Agriculture Task Force to make recommendations for moving urban agriculture forward in Arlington. Its report submitted to the Board in June 2013 included a recommendation about forming a citizens group to advance the community’s role in public stewardship of urban agriculture resources, deepen public support for urban agriculture, and establish a partnership with the County’s urban agriculture program to bolster urban agriculture programs and projects. Arlington Friends of Urban Agriculture (FOUA) was launched in 2015, elected its first Board of Directors in 2017, and became a nonprofit 501c3 in 2019.

FOUA envisions Arlington County as a leader in urban agriculture in the region. We want a future of healthy, sufficient and affordable sustainable food for all in the Arlington community. Farmers markets, community and home gardens play a role in feeding our community as well as grocers, restaurants, institutions and suppliers. Maintaining regional food-producing farms is key to fresh, local food. Governmental policies and regulations, as well as commercial, institutional and individual sustainable food practices and enterprises, jointly protect and enhance our sustainable food supplies from both within Arlington County and our region.

What We Do

FOUA believes that a resilient, community-driven urban agriculture sector is a driver in improving public health, boosting economic health, improving environmental health and energy efficiency, and a significant component of a biophilic community. FOUA will work with all elements of the urban agriculture sector to develop a strategic plan and roadmap to extend the presence and values of urban agriculture in our community. Specifically, Arlington needs to develop supportive public policies for urban agriculture entrepreneurs, encourage developers to include urban agricultural elements, and institutionalize support of public school programs and curriculum. In addition, we need to build consumer demand and public understanding for hyper-local food production and sustainable regional food systems, and connect those who are already growing in their yards and community gardens and increase their numbers.

Read 2019- 2021 Strategic Plan