Pete Riley

Board Member
Pete is an agricultural economist with USDA in the Farm Production and Conservation Business Center, now working part time as a rehired annuitant. He retired last August after a long career with USDA, primarily working in commodity analysis, but earlier working on international trade as well as food issues in developing countries.  Pete also worked for a major seed company based in Iowa and had served as a volunteer in rural Zambia for nearly 3 years.  He has worked on a wide variety of topics including biofuels, biotechnology, food aid need estimates, crop and livestock disaster assistance, official USDA supply and demand forecasts, and a host of various hot button issues.  He has a Masters degree in ag econ from Michigan State University.
Pete learned of the Plot against Hunger a few years ago when donating extra produce from my home garden. Pete volunteered with the gleaning crew in the 2022 summer and fall. Pete has little experience with “urban” agriculture as the farming establishment is very rural focused.  However, USDA has started to reach out to the new urban farmers and startups, extending loans and other assistance in recent years.