2022 Garden Talks

Wednesdays May – August at 7 pm, in Library Garden by main parking lot entrance
Free, no registration required

Arlington Central Library, 1015 N. Quincy Street
Sponsored by Friends of Urban Agriculture and Master Gardeners in partnership with Arlington County Library.

In addition, the Master Gardener Plant Clinic is held at Central Library on Wednesdays from 6 – 7:45 pm.

June 29 Garden Tool Clinic – Tools that are properly cared for are safer, work better and last longer. An experienced farmer will share his tips and techniques.

July 6 Herbs – Grow for Health & Flavor – There are herbs for all cuisines and growing conditions. Which will you grow? How do you grow them? Where do they fit in amongst your vegetables? 

July 13 Weeds 101 – Keep Them at Bay – What’s a weed? Learn to identify and how to control those weeds. 

July 20 Top 10 Vegetable Diseases – Our area’s hot, humid summers make vegetables vulnerable to diseases. Learn how to control their occurrence and spread.

July 27 Vegetables for Fall & Winter Harvest – You can grow vegetables nearly year-round. Learn what to plant to enjoy this fall, and even through to the spring.

August 3 Preserve Your Harvest – Canning, freezing, and other food preservation methods to enjoy your garden riches year-round. Learn the best, safest ways to preserve the flavor and nutrition.

August 10 Soil Nature’s Way – Build and enrich your soil via garden waste management! Composting, lasagna gardening and other techniques for your best garden ever.

August 17 Mushrooms – Grow Your Own! – How to grow mushrooms on logs, an easy way to have your own delicious mushrooms for your table.

August 24 Microgreens for Your Indoor Garden – How and what to grow for easy, nutritious microgreens all winter long.

August 31 (no Garden Talk)

September Garden Talks will start at 6:30 pm and be held in the Quincy Room (1st Floor)

September 7  Fruits for Your Tastebuds and Landscape –  Gain years of delicious enjoyment with fruits that grow well in our area.

September 14 Extend Your Growing Season – Protect your crops from the chill with hot caps, cold frames, row covers and other techniques. Plus learn winter sowing techniques for an early start growing spring seedlings outdoors in milk jugs.

September 21 Garden Herbs – Making Teas & Using Herbs – Teas and herbs offer many benefits. Learn what your herb garden can offer for enjoyment and health.

September 28 Cover Crops for Healthy Soil – There are cover crops for all seasons that protect, nurture and add structure to your soil. What to use, when and how? Cover crops will bring your garden to a whole new level.


Past 2022 Garden Talks…..

May 4 Plant it right! –  How and when to plant your seeds and seedlings so they will happily grow for you. Learn the basics from experienced gardeners.

May 11 Grow it Vertical – Explore easy-to-build garden structures that save garden space, grow healthier plants, and bring higher yields.

May 18 Balcony? Patio? Grow it there! – You can grow many herbs and vegetables in containers and enjoy fresh foods. Come learn how this can work for you.

May 25  Irrigation & Ollas – Our hot and humid summers mean most plants need constant watering. Learn how to use  drip irrigation and ollas (in-ground vessels) to deliver water directly to plant roots, where they most need it.  

June 1  What to Grow Where – Will your vegetables get enough sun? What will grow in partial shade ? Learn how to select plants for your location.

June 8 Feeding your Vegetables – Just like us, veggies need the right kinds of nutrition at the right time. The types and timing of fertilizers will help you achieve maximum productivity.

June 15 Succession and Companion Planting, Keys to Success – Understanding when to plant, and replant in the same space will increase your production as the season moves on. And did you know plants have friends that help them thrive? Learn these secrets for happy gardens.

June 22 Good Bugs! Bad Bugs! – They are part of the pattern of nature and thus of growing fresh produce. Learn to recognize insects and encourage beneficials while combating the bad guys.