Introducing FOUA’s Inaugural Board of Directors

Electing our first Board of Directors in May takes FOUA a giant step forwards. It was enabled by adoption of our Bylaws in December 2016 and replaces the Steering Committee. Our first meeting in June started with the election of officers provided for in the Bylaws. They are:

  • Audrey Morris, President – Served on FOUA’s Steering Committee, coordinates two gardens for AFAC and was on the County’s Urban Agriculture Task Force. Currently on planning committee for the Virginia Urban Agriculture Summit to be held October 5-6 in Arlington.
  • Aisha Salazar, Vice President – Served on FOUA’s Steering Committee, is Food and Nutrition Coordinator for the Arlington Food Assistance Center (AFAC), and manages the Fairlington Farmers Market.
  • Margaret Brown, Secretary – Recently retired as Central Services Division Chief and Arlington Central Library Manager where she was instrumental in creating the Tool Shed to lend gardening tools from Central Library and in creating the AFAC and native’s gardens on the Library grounds, and has been certified as a Master Gardener.
  • Amy Sawyer, Communications Director – Coordinates the Tool Shed/Tool Lending Program at Arlington Central Library and brings with her extensive experience in other areas with outdoor learning for children and adults, gardening, native plants and wildlife habitat, and a “Kill Your Lawn” program.
  • Thomas Schneider, Treasurer – Served on FOUA’s Steering Committee, and is a life-long Arlington resident and Executive Director of the non-profit Rooftop Roots in the District of Columbia where he leads operational development and logistics. He manages the container garden at Central Library and other gardens.