Rock Spring Church Bagging Site a Huge Success!

Rock Spring Church generously donated space for the Plot Against Hunger program to use as a centralized site for gardeners to drop off donated produce in 2020. In total, over 6,000 lbs of produce was grown and donated by local gardeners from about 50 gardens (schools, churches, and individuals) between June 1st through October 29th at the Rock Spring Church bagging site, and distributed to about 11 local food pantries. Over 7,000 lbs of produce was gleaned from local farms through volunteers and bagged at Rock Spring Church. Thank you to all the volunteers (Master Gardeners, Master Food Volunteers, Rock Spring Church, Plot Volunteers, college students, high school students, and community members) for all your help in growing, gleaning, packaging, and delivering the produce!

Total = over 6,000 pounds donated!!
Plus over 7,000 pounds from gleaning!

The bagging site was a collaboration of Rock Spring Church, Arlington Cooperative Extension, Master Food Volunteers, Master Gardeners, Marymount University, and Friends of Urban Agriculture.