Garden Talks 2023

We invite you to weekly Garden Talks at Arlington Central Library, 1015 N. Quincy Street
Free, no registration required

Sponsored by Friends of Urban Agriculture and Extension Master Gardeners

Also: Master Gardener Plant Clinic at Central Library, Wednesdays, 6 – 7:45 pm

Download: 2023 Garden Talks Descriptions

March & April Garden Talks will start at 6:45 pm and be held in the Quincy Room (1st Floor) *except March 15 is in the Bluemont Room (2nd floor)

March 8           Start Your Veggies right! –  Plant your seeds and seedlings so they’ll happily. grow for you, and learn when and how to start seedlings from experienced gardeners.

March 15         *Vegetable Garden Design – Make the most of your growing space throughout the seasons with proper placement, timely planting, crop rotation, companion planting,
and soil testing.

March 22         Tomato Love – Tomatoes are a popular crop in home gardens. Learn how you can grow and maintain tomatoes to make the most of your crop.

March 29         Water Where It Counts – Irrigation, rain barrels and ollas (in-ground vessels) deliver water where and when it is needed to help your vegetables survive our hot and humid summers.

April 5              Bees & Beekeeping – Get the latest buzz on basics about the care of bees, hives, and other basics to produce your own honey.

April 12            Edible Landscaping – Imagine a border of lush lettuce with bright red tomatoes on lattice work. Gain practical tips and inspiration to make vegetables a beautiful part of your landscape, using small spaces to the best advantage.

April 19            Growing Top 10 Vegetables  – Your favorite veggies can be successes for your eating pleasure and sharing with friends and food pantries alike, and give superfood nutrition.

April 26           Balcony? Patio? You Can Still Grow Your Favorites! – You don’t need a yard to grow your own herbs and vegetables. Find out how container gardening can work for you.

May – August Garden Talks will start at 7:00 pm, outside by the parking lot entrance

May 3              Herbs for Health & Flavor – Fresh herbs can take your cooking from good to great. There are herbs for all cuisines and growing conditions. Which will you grow? How do you grow them? Where do they fit with your vegetables?

May 10            Weeds 101 – Keep Them at Bay – Do you know what a weed looks like? You may be surprised. Learn to identify and control those weeds before they control your garden.

May 17           Garden Structures & Critter Control – Easy-to-build garden structures help you save garden space, grow healthier plants, bring higher yields, and control those pesky varmints.

May 24            Pollinators & Vegetables Go Together – Use native plants to attract local bees, butterflies and other pollinators that boost your veggies production and enhance your garden.

May 31            Gardening with Kids – Gardening is fun! Learn simple growing techniques to engage children in a lifetime of growing their food. Observe and plant a salsa garden in a container or bed.

June 7            Preventing Vegetable Diseases – Our area’s hot, humid summers make vegetables vulnerable to diseases. Learn how to recognize and control their occurrence and spread.

June 14          Feed your Soil for Happy Vegetables – It’s not just getting your veggies the right kinds of nutrition – timing is everything. The right fertilizer at the right time and soil building with compost mean maximum productivity.

June 21          Good Bugs! Bad Bugs! – Know the difference! They’re part of the pattern of nature and growing fresh produce. Learn to encourage good bugs and help them combat the bad guys.

June 28          Fresh Produce for the Table – Learn delicious, healthy ways to prepare fresh, seasonal produce for the table.

July 5              Garden Safely – Gardening can bring aches and pains – but it doesn’t have to. Learn proper movement, stretches and exercises to keep your gardening body happy and functional.

July 12            Creating Habitat in Your Yards and Gardens – Birds, insects and other wildlife stay where they feel at home. Learn to create habitat to attract, protect, and support beneficial wildlife and such programs as Audubon at Home to guide you.

July 19            Growing Food in a Hot Climate – Will your vegetables get enough sun – or too much? What will grow in partial shade? Select plants for your location and adapt your garden for our changing climate.

July 26            Preserve Your Harvest – Enjoy your garden riches year-round with canning and freezing. Learn the best, safest ways to preserve the flavor and nutrition.

August 2          Vegetables for Fall & Winter Harvest – You can grow vegetables nearly year-round. Learn what to plant to enjoy this fall; and even through to the spring.

August 9          Cover Crops for Healthy Soil – Cover crops protect, nurture and add structure to your soil. Learn the what, when and how of using cover crops to bring your garden to a whole new level.

August 16       Extend Your Growing Season – Protect your crops from the chill with hot caps, cold frames, row covers and other techniques.

August 23       Foraging for Wild Edibles – There are good things to eat all around you. Learn to identify and prepare safe edibles found in our wild (and not so wild) areas.         

August 30        Garden Tool Clinic – Your garden tools work better, last longer and are safer with proper care. Learn how from an experienced gardener.

September Garden Talks will start at 6:45 pm and be held in the TBD Room (1st Floor)

September 6   Garden Herbs for Teas, Flavor and Health – Your herb garden offers a bounty of flavorful enjoyment. Sample the tastes and learn the benefits of herbs.

September 13 Fruits for Your Tastebuds and Landscape – Well-chosen fruits give years of delicious enjoyment. Learn what fruits grow well in our area, their care, and how to prune and winterize.

September 20 Microgreens for Your Indoor Garden – Don’t let wintry chills stop you from enjoying fresh greens. Learn what and how to grow nutritious microgreens all winter long. It’s easy!

September 27 Garlic – Plant it Now! – Are you a garlic lover? Learn about how to plant and when to harvest garlic, plus the history and many types of garlic to choose from.